The biggest project cars meet up and showcase event in Estonia!

Car club TRF44 and bring you the biggest yearly car culture event “ Season Opening 2020” in Tartu on 23rd of May.

It brings everybody with the passion of engines to Raadi Airfield’s and Estonian Native Museum’s area. A day full of exciting things, rumbling engines, awesome people and of course, interesting cars.

This event brings together people in the world of automotive industry, tuners, fans and companies too. season opening is the right place to present your car club, let your beautiful car shine or demonstrate your car related products.

The event, which is happening for the 5th time this year has prog ressively doubled each year in terms of project cars, companies/clubs/unions and as well with visitors.

Last year over 500 cars attended from seven countries. Tens of companies and car clubs brought joy to visitors.

Day was packed with activities car rating, finding the lowest car and ending it all with a big off road show over the slopes of Raadi airfield. For the upcoming year we are awaiting visitors from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and even further.


Biggest hobby cars meet up and showcase in Estonia.

On a beautiful spring day in May, lots of petrol heads amongst various Estonian cities and from further, gather up to drive together in a big long cruise to Tartu towards Raadi airfield.

Hundreds of cars from us and elsewhere are set in place in the fields of Raadi airfield and Estonian National Museum to offer the best for every taste. In terms of production country, age and style, the event gives the owners a day full of excitement, comp edition and showoffs.


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